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Holiday Lighting Installation and Removal Services

Our sister company, Get Lit Lighting, specializes in installation, storing and removal of commercial grade Holiday Christmas lights. Have custom holiday lights hung on your home or business. We hang, maintain, take down and store the lights for you! When you are preparing for the holiday season, holiday lights are begrudgingly apart of every homeowner’s holiday to-do list. Stringing holiday lights can take hours, or even days. Not to mention hours spent hunting around for the lights, replacing burnt out bulbs, and untangling strands and stands of lights. That’s where we come in! Our team at Get Lit Lighting offers holiday lighting services to all our customers. We are a locally owned and operated company, with a commitment to providing the best customer service around. Whether you’re planning a holiday lighting extravaganza or don’t want to be the one to climb up on the roof this year, our team is here to do it for you!

Visit our lighting page at getlitlightingllc.com for more info!

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